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Rearranging resources (food, water, litter boxes), Social conflict with other animals in the household. Other nasal diseases can impact your cat’s sense of smell and appetite as well, including nasal polyps or tumors. If not then gently feed him 2 or 3 syringes full(15 cc) just to get him used to having food in his tummy.Feed him about every 4 hours and see how he does. And if your cat is not eating, you need to find out the cause. Vision and hearing loss are also common. Encourage eating and hydration if your cat doesn’t eat for 24 hours and/or doesn’t drink for 12 hours. Some cats like to eat things that they shouldn't ingest or develop hairballs, all of which may become stuck in the stomach or intestines. Loss of appetite can have many causes in adult cats. There is never anything wrong with asking. Cats use smell to eat so use something smelly. You’ve probably already noticed an increase in catnaps, another indication that your cat is getting a little older. Some cats may prefer wet canned food because it is more palatable. It's all in vet preference on what drugs they use to increase appetite, but one that I know of is call mirtazapine. However, sometimes we find that a dog or cat won’t eat their prescribed therapeutic diet or won’t eat enough of it without the owner “dressing it up” with other foods or treats. If your kitten won’t eat for more than a day or two, call your veterinarian to schedule an exam. Adult cats, especially those that are overweight, can develop a serious disease called hepatic lipidosis if they stop eating, so prompt action is important. Most cats with gastroenteritis will have intermittent episodes of vomiting and diarrhea. As in kittens, upper respiratory infections can cause loss of appetite in adult cats. Is eating more. Reduced or altered appetite is common in dogs and cats with a variety of medical conditions. Kittens are normally weaned and eating solid food between 6 and 8 weeks of age. Cats that are nauseous may seem interested in food, but then refuse it, or they may drool and lick their lips often. But here are the three most important points. Needless to say $565 later I still have a cat that won’t eat, he can barely walk, the vet said bring him back for ultrasound and X-rays. If your kitten has a stuffy nose, it will be harder for them to smell their food, and they may not eat as a result. She took it to the vet where they removed an extremely long tapeworm and gave him medicine for the cat's compacted colon and worms. Kittens have been known to eat string, tinsel, hair ties, and other objects that can get stuck in their stomach or small intestines. Thomas: With that in mind, we’d suggest you start by feeding your cat anything she’ll eat! If a cat refuses to eat or drink, this often means the cat is in pain or is otherwise feeling poorly. However, cats who live with us can also become malnourished if they do not eat enough food or eat the wrong types of food. I'm guessing that your cat may be badly dehydrated, as well, which can be … The natural curiosity of kittens sometimes gets them into trouble. Any cat who doesn't eat sufficiently for more than 24 hrs is at risk of developing potentially fatal hepatic lipidosis, and an emaciated cat who doesn't eat is going to weaken very quickly. I found a stray cat, probably a month old and it is stuck on the neighbour’s roof and her mother amd two siblings live behind that house. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. He has survived mites, worms, a 12 inch tape worm, and maggots (

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