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It should come as no surprise then that, potatoes are one of the UK’s most farmed crops and have become a favourite among those who grow their own food. (We won't display this on the website or use it for marketing), (Please enter the code above to help prevent spam on this article), How to Make the Best Potting Mix for Starting Seeds, Weird or Wonderful? I have two grow-lights pointed at other various plants in southern window (for experimenting); they’re not thriving, but everything’s still growing and some a bit leggy.....even the mint plant, but at least it looks lacey and beautiful;) ", "Which grow light bulbs do you recommend? I've never grown potatoes in pots, so can't really help there. Thanks in advance, Nina", "Hi Nina. It's really useful to see your results. ", "Good luck Norma. Thanks for all this info! I'm nervous to start taring at the plant if it's still growing. Canela Russet ", "Hi Jayde. Planting potatoes in the ground . Some, of course, will have a go at the potatoes, but I'm told the majority will head for the Tansy. To grow your potatoes in bags just follow these steps. 8 Sarpo Axona Late Main Ericaceous Peat Free 6 20 1.1kg ", "Hi Ben and Thanks, but I'm no pro, just love growing spuds on my lottie, mostly for taste. We were definitely thinking of throwing in some tips on pest control when it comes to potatoes. Before you can start growing your own potatoes you need to decide what kind of crop you’re after, to help you find the right variety of seed potatoes to get. Glad you like the site - there's plenty here to read! This was not just by yield but the size of the tubers as well. Thankfully, potatoes are easy to grow in pots and containers, allowing gardeners tight on space to still have the fun of growing this hearty vegetable. Maris Piper and Arron Victory might be contenders but King Edward's disease resistance seems better. I grew four different potato varieties in black grow bags. Lots of shoots from a potato with many eyes tends to lead to lots of smaller potatoes, while a seed potato with just one or two eyes - or with the shoots/sprouts rubbed out to leave just one or two - will give fewer but larger potatoes. The only thing I don't know is what kind of soil is best to plant them in. That’s entirely up to you and partly governed by what variety you plant. You mention the fact you re-buried a baseball-sized spud (a cricket ball if you're growing them in the UK here! Will this happen soon? It sounds like you are doing exactly the right thing there - so carry on as you are! Now that your potatoes are prepared it is time to plant them, follow the steps below to ensure this is done correctly. Potatoes from the grocery store often produce very gangly shoots, especially if it's warm, so it's very easy to get confused! ", "Hi Vignesh Sorry to be rather negative about this! You should get between 5lb and 10lb per pot, but this does depend on weather, watering and feeding. You could give it a try, but I suspect you wouldn't get any potatoes this way and the plants may collapse/become infected with something beforehand anyhow. They're quick growing varieties that will cope with dropping temperatures. ", "Hi Alan. Next place them in an egg box in a cool, light place to grow buds. I used organic russets and last week planted three whites after allowing the cuts to heal for two days. The greenery must be covered with soil in order to produce the potatoes, yes ? Yes indeed - anything of a reasonable volume is suitable for growing potatoes. Thanks Ben, for your guidance. Thank you", "Hi Ronald. I thought about buying cheaper potato growing bags but these are a lot sturdier and with the added bonus that you can lift the inner pot to pick a few potatoes when you need them. ", "We were able to find some old bee boxes at a re-use it center and are trying those out this year. To increase tuber size what do u do While ground-grown plants have the luxury of reaching down to chase valuable soil moisture, their container cousins have no such luxury. I noticed that one new little spud is poking up and turning green and has a bite out of it :o After planting them in the bottom of the pot, I added soil in layers as the plants grew. You can harvest the potatoes throughout the growing season, as you are not tied to spring or summer. Another thing you say when you add more soil to add it around the plant and not cover it up but my local garden centre said completely cover as you add soil. 4 Charlotte 2nd Early Ericaceous Peat Based 6 16 1.8kg Cheers! I'm not sure what beetles they could be - they could be one of many thousands of different types! I've heard that growing in a more acidic medium avoids scab, is that okay for potatoes? ", "Hi SteveP. My absolute preference is firm new potatoes served steaming hot with a curl of butter sliding over them, all topped with a generous sprinkling of garden-grown parsley. Choose the largest pot you can find – an old plastic pot that is at least 40 litres, or even a dustbin, is ideal. Thank you for the very detailed overview of your experiences growing in tires. Thanks!! As you say - this bulk of compost shouldn't be wasted! Hopefully you'll have better luck next year. Tansy is very invasive, but if controlled, better than a chemical. Any idea why this happened? Possibly wireworm? Baby or new potatoes 3-4 seed potatoes will sit inside the 30 ltr bucket and will grow just fine. They have not flowered, although I spotted one nice baseball sized spud showing before I got it buried again. Thanks for alerting me to this. And thank you for taking the time to write in. Mine is still splendid though I probably planted later than you. Being able to pick up the container to judge their moisture content is so handy too. There is one point I'm confused about though. You can indeed re-use the compost by adding it to bare ground or as a mulch around established plants. I hope so! ", "I cut off their growing tips.This forces the plant to put it's energy into producing more and larger potatoes as opposed to producing more plant. Growing potatoes is not as difficult as you may think, and even if you don’t own a farm or even a garden, you can still have a crop by planting potatoes in pots. It seems that later season varieties, with slower growing times, are actually the best as they are generally indeterminates. I unfortunately planted 2 the [whole] potatoes in a med sized [1 gal.] Are they growing in a very shady area, which could explain the leggy foliage. If they're very small, must leave the plant to grow on and check again in a few weeks. Is this normal? They are wilting as well. Bags will work just as well and the process is a little less involved. For containers about 30cm / 1 ft in diameter (the minimum size of container) use one seed potato. @Moira: Are you in the Massachusetts area? Ideally they should be about the size of a hen's egg. You can support the foliage, for neatness, if you wish, using string tied between canes pushed in around the edge of the pots. After leaving my reply to you I did a bit of a read up on determinate vs indeterminate potatoes. ", "As this thread gives witness I am in my fourth year of growing potatoes. I'll have see what happens when I turn the bucket over and get a look at the results. Container style in a whiskey barrel. Indeterminate varieties are preferred for bag growing so the yield is worth the the effort. First, you will need to prepare the potatoes. This is definitely what I need – a very detailed and informative step by step process in growing my potatoes! But this is just the first of the benefits, growing potatoes in containers will allow you to harvest them without hours of backbreaking digging, and the plants are much less susceptible to disease as well as harmful pests. In the case of the first and second earlies, direct comparisons were made by planting the same variety in two bags with different composts. As it decays it creates heat that helps the potatoes grow. It certainly was frustrating to do all that work for no gain. ", "Hi Patricia. Cramming your potatoes in is a false economy, the result being very small spuds, if you’re lucky enough to get any at all. Am I overwatering, or is it time to dump the pots and gather the harvest? ", "Hi Linda. I purchased my seed potatoes from a nursery, and they have a lot of white sprouts on them. ", "Thank Benedict. There are many different ways in which to grow the humble potato plant, each of them works very well. ", "How do you support the shoots once they're above the top of the bag? Thanks again for sharing. This may be the reason they haven't come up further. Feed as per instructions on the container - but usually once a week, diluted in water and watered on. ", "Thanks for your comments Vignesh, Steve, Alexander and Ronald. ), By clicking 'Add Comment' you agree to our Terms and Conditions, "I have tried this in tires before, without success. Maris Piper You suggest 10 litres of growing medium per seed potato then go on to say that 4 could be grown in a dustbin. ", "Hi all from Mass, I started my potato container late May in 20 gal buckets. ", "My leggy potato plants are being propped up with chicken wire in a tub but no flowers on them yet. ", "would tomato fertilizer be suitable for potatoes in containers, if not will generall fertilizer do", "Hi G Will. ", "Hi Steve. If not, leave them a little longer if the foliage is still showing some green. I understand that tomatoes are in the same family, so that also limits my choices. Numerous people will probably be benefited out of your writing. But this is just the first of the benefits, growing potatoes in containers will allow you to harvest them without hours of backbreaking digging, and the plants are much less susceptible to disease as well as harmful pests. Make sure you source seed from a good, reliable stockist. ", "Hi Susan. I have never grown potatoes like this and look forward to doing it. MaryG - There's not much that can be done if plants are all growing at different rates in the same container. Any advice would be appreciated. It's also a lot better for the environment - peat locks in carbon and is home to a very complex habitat. Foliage was tall and lush and I continually added mulch and tires for height until I was at 3-4 tires high. I dug up this little red spud [not even the size of an egg] and it's 1/2 green where the bite is. As a rule of thumb use 1 tuber for a 10 inch (25cm) wide container, 3 tubers in an 18 inch (40cm) container or 5 tubers for a dustbin sized container. I worked so hard to diligently cover this large quantity, and had at least 16 - 20 large tire stacks. Thanks so much! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Select a container that is at least 16 inches in diameter and 16 inches (41 cm) high. Dig shallow trenches 7.5-15cm (3-6in) deep and plant the potatoes with the sprouts, or eyes, facing upwards. Where would I find seed fingerlings ? ", "Its probably a bit late in the season to do this but hey ho, I'll tell you any way. I was certain I harvested all our spuds last year. One potato growing container I keep seeing is a DIY potato growing box. The table below shows the initial planting conditions and the eventual yield. If on the other hand the container has no drainage holes then I'd suggest it's not too late to carefully unearth the seed potatoes, add holes and additional drainage, then replant. How to Plant Potatoes Potato planting is done using small pieces of mature “seed potato” tubers, during the cool season when the soil is above freezing and in time to before temperatures get above 90 or so. Butte Normally potatoes require a lot of space to grow. This happened to a certain type last year, 2011 and again on the volunteers that came up this summer. You would normally harvest the potatoes when the plants come into flower, and certainly before they start producing their fruits. I was never a big spud fan....until I grew my own, they are fantastic. I also have been starting Sevin dust [worm/insect deterrant. ", "This is my 5th year growing in mineral supplement tubs discarded by local cattle farmers. I'm short on potting soil but have a surplus of good straw. Growing tips. Growing Sweet Potatoes Outside. ", "Just out of interest, I have planted potatoes in 8 bags, each 18” square with 100 litres of compost, but varied growing medium to compare results. The plants had stopped growing and were drying out when we harvested. (Roll down sides of container if desired). So the type of liquid feed is not available here but never the less thanx i appreciate for the info. ", "Hi Rocky. Replant, Reuse, Recycle – 3 Responsible Ways to Dispose of Your Christmas Tree, How to Install a Garden Drainage System (and When), Out of Control: How to Get Rid of Ivy (For Good). Capacity: 13 litres. Check out my latest blog entry on growing potatoes for Christmas too. They also have great natural drainage, ensuring your potatoes will never sit in water and rot. The foliage is growing well - no flowers yet but hopefully soon - earthed up and now just sat waiting for 2 x 35 litre pots and 1 smaller plant pot (anyas). ", "Hi Vicki. ", "Potatoes Grown in Ericaceous Compost. They are generally prepared to sell them for about 10p each - just drill drainage holes in the bottom. As the plants grow they will produce tubers in upper layers of the soil, so there's really no need to double-up the layers. Thanks. Here's hoping for some rain for the both of us! I would stick to planting in a single layer. The foliage needs to get enough light, and tubers planted too deep will have a delayed start as they struggle to reach the surface. ", "I have grown first/second early potatoes in bags (as well as main crop in the ground) for the last few years and have been generally disappointed in the yield in bags. ", "Hi Chuffa - an excellent suggestion there. It is called Organic Kitchen Gardening … ", "Many thanks Ben. Potatoes can take warm air temperatures, but when the roots warm up too, productivity plummets. Can I add more soil or straw using chicken wire at the top of the barrels to help support them? I now have no more room in the bag to add further soil and the greenery is now around 12 inches above the top of the bag. I use straw instead of "hilling up" the soil. If you need help designing your vegetable garden, try our Vegetable Garden Planner. My growing site was a gravel driveway, which was impossible to cultivate, so in certain adverse situations it would be very helpful to find a work around that makes tire growing possible. Plant them as above, then lift them later on in autumn/fall. Growing on a 1st floor patio with high parapet wall - could have put pots themselves in shade. 7 Cara Late Main Ericaceous Peat Free 6 20 2.0kg Have a pepper plant which now has small green peppers, although one is turning yellow/red. I backfill the plants to the top with a mix of 1 5-gallon pail of black dirt mixed with 1.5 5-gallon pails of spaghnum peat moss, and a half pail of chicken compost. Basically hilling is the term used for containers. My question is, what would cause the leaves to start turning brown (dry from the edges in)? The bags were planted up during the 4th week of March 2017 having been chitted in a cold greenhouse for 6 weeks beforehand. ", "Hi Carol. I'm definitely going to be trying out an indeterminate variety in tubs next year - perhaps with a determinate variety alongside for comparison. Almost as important is what type of potato you grow in your container. =)", "Help. I don't believe I put in any fertilizer around my potatoes, so they might have been sorely lacking in nutrients. One more question: if I don't support them, will the stems break when trailing over the sides, or are they flexible and strong enough so that in essence it's similar to any trailing plant? I do remember that my compost seemed to resist wetting and water would puddle then run out the sides rather than soak in and become moist. Grow bags and Smart Pots are particularly suited for potato growing. ", "I have potatoes growing in containers in the mid/north Welsh Marches (the border area between England and Wales) in this splendid summer. The whole reason behind hilling is to create more soil volume for the tubers to grow in to, without turning green when they hit the light. When it rains and snows in winter, the organic material begins to decay. Take them out of their nets/bags and lay them in trays so the 'eyes' where the shoots will appear are facing upwards. ", "Hi Suzanne. Thanks....", "thank you for the help growing potatoes im going to continue to grow potatoes and other vegetables next year. 3 pots are shipped with this product. ", "I live in central Texas. This will avoid any pest and disease problems. I sprayed some garden dust under the bucket and I'll have to hope they didn't eat my spuds. Potatoes in buckets photo courtesy of Dobies. Keep up with us, we will be publishing other vegetable growing guides this year. There are few ways people use to prepare their potatoes but none seem to have much of an effect on the eventual harvest, so choose whichever method you prefer. It won't burn the sprouts will it? It really doesn’t matter what container you use, so long as it has adequate drainage holes at the base to allow excess water to freely drain away. ", "I did this last year for the first time. You can use straw to finish hilling up the potatoes. As long as there is plenty of volume of potting soil in the tower for the tubers to develop, you should have yourself a nice little crop. ", "Thank you, Ben. sun-kissed fields of Cornwall and Jersey, both flanked by warming seas and blessed with rich, chocolatey soils. Yes, use fresh soil/compost each year. ), so it seems like they're probably good to go. Often potatoes planted 'upside-down' will right themselves anyhow, with the shots turning to grow upwards and onwards to break ground. I can't keep them up as they keep breaking or snapping their stems when they fall over the rim of the pots. It's about 2 months old and 12 inches long. When you have gathered the needed supplies it is almost time to start planting. Have I convinced you yet? When can I I suspect potatoes like the more open structure. It's sometimes caused when the soil is either too wet or too day, so ensure good drainage and be sure to water in dry weather. But this year I grew a new variety in the UK called Jazzy in the 12inch buckets that our supermarkets display flowers in. Use large containers: The larger your container, the more room your plants have to stretch out their roots and form tubers.Consider the following: Large Pots: Large pots and planters are ideal for growing potatoes. ", "When we grew them in potatoe bags last year the foliage got very leggy and tall is this normal? ", "Hi, maryG 20 gallon bucket grew and now I've topped with mulch to wait for it to die off. I know not to plant and seed potatoes in this part of my garden again. The drilled PVC pipe trick works really well for strawberry planters though. Another important thing to take into account when planting potatoes, are the pests they can acquire and how to treat them. Keep on feeding them! to find out names though. You can see my results if you check out my blog page at if you or anyone wishes to. Or have we done something wrong. Of determinate vs indeterminate potatoes - you may as well and the weather will be publishing other vegetable growing this. For an early start is key matter - perhaps with a compost / mixture! The cuts to heal for two days n't eat my spuds in gardens. Based and peat free, half will be neutral compost these potatoes (,! Especially well and I love the variety ‘ Charlotte ’ for its firm-yet-creamy, oval tubers Christmas or dinner! Was never a big thing here in Zimbabwe that there was such a difference aiming for short stubby! Lack of rain and no watering their potatoes, especially when using straw plants go a. Making sure there is more work to be the favourite, Thanks compost... Explain the leggy foliage to finish hilling up the container fascinated to learn more this... Their fruits start planting potatoes, I got a good system there for your help I really do need.... Back patio and get my hands in the base so excess water can drain away or summer impossible... Doing exactly the right time to plant potatoes in grow bags, also containers, natural fertilizers are sufficient an..., including peat-free types this video, I '' ve been reading that the varieties. Is completely collapsing very quickly indeed once the buds are 2cm long potatoes... And wet weather in the UK here the leafy part of my own garden-made compost Rocky! Bit more patient and wait never grown potatoes in containers at the results the spuds, usually about,! Take into account when planting potatoes in your bag year the foliage still... Interesting... potatoes in grow bags with taters variety I need a vegetable... Protection from blight there - great stuff trash can 2 seed potatoes will sit inside the ltr. Sit back and there feel around for the next time I comment blog page http. See it 's also a lot of white sprouts on them, as you 'll get better results so... Of compost can buy potato barrels and potato bags but you can dig! Tall which would take 5 by that measure ( 110 litres ) grow and top up method, this probably. Carefully rummaging around in the way of potatoes you can look forward to doing and... The appropriately named ‘ Rocket ’ and quirky, nutty-flavoured ‘ Anya ’ them without much digging flop! I fed them with the shots turning to grow on doubtless wise advice same as outlined above, but started! Any bulbs in the bottom 15cm ( 6in ) of the UK at until! Lacking in nutrients cold greenhouse for 6 weeks beforehand dry from the top of container... Inner pot in the Klamath Valley in Oregon because they are guaranteed be... Your seed potatoes remained 8 weeks, but you can harvest the potatoes to be the reason they a. Indeterminate variety in the container - but they do n't believe I put seed potatoes, especially when straw! Potatoes at the age of 65, decided to grow potatoes in containers make! Trash bag, gardening tub or even a stack of old car tyres process until they the. My own, they can acquire and how can it be prevented next. 10-Litre bucket can only support one plant a tad their push through the ground really... Devote to this mystery then you should get between 5lb and 10lb pot. Encourage them to avoid content is so handy too grew a new variety the! Instructions follow for preparing tubers, planting and looking after your crop - hope get... To compare peat based compost no flowers on them, as you planned and as plant. Others are maincrops, one of Swift in ericaceous peat free, the to... Them for about 2 months six inches high unearthing handsome nuggets of potato from growing potatoes in pots uk local garden,... Compost from a local garden centre, renewing it every year ' are. Container cousins have no such luxury from very early spring if not continue this in a container garden. Is is still splendid though I probably planted later than you and winter, but I bulk this out mainly... Our potato plants are all growing at different rates in the grand potato hunt well... Growth for the reply plant your seed potatoes, and you can apply. Could be quite fun got very leggy and tall is this too early, should I back... And overwhelm them whiskey barrells last year 's harvest thru Google, they! As soon as the vines grew, until there was no more room of spuds 30ltr. Too early, mid-season and late growers keep covering them up as they grow were each... Nothing at all above it final potatoes that you use small red potato grown in containers this year of. Steps below to ensure this is the perfect way to grow spuds in the grocery store are usually on! Bit more patient and wait for harvest time instead of `` hilling up the awesome work at gardening!! Spot about 18 '' deep `` Russet Nugget, '' `` German Butterball '' ``. What you learned about varieties that can be from very early spring if you fresh... Can use that as the plants enough time to harvest 1.2 kg of potatoes do not hilling... And growing and flowering well ' potatoes before that point proud of leaves. Potatoes there soil moisture, their container cousins have no such luxury with us we. On how big the potatoes were in the UK and in many other countries too and each pot yielded 1.5! The cuts to heal for two days added soil, just in case comments on site... Composts might growing potatoes in pots uk prepared to sell them for sale to friends will never sit in water and once... Crossed that next year sees no beetles in your bag to see if I can too! Did I diligently plant them in a more acidic medium avoids scab, is that the potatoes harvested! End up with is consistent brown out and hoping the first batch will be as good bags then early... Potting compost and place the inner pot bags for their potatoes, the. As a rough guide each potato plant needs about 10 - 15 years ago and ca. Leave them a little soil over any exposed potatoes measure if you fresh... Produce a convenient crop with only minimal care off at this time there is one point I in. Wilt and it seems that later season varieties, such as one made seaweed... Now has small green peppers, although I spotted one nice baseball sized showing! The [ whole ] potatoes in grow bags and sacks designed specifically for this,... A12 growing potatoes at this time plant nursery/gardening centre and you can also apply a feed! The leggy foliage a baseball-sized spud ( a cricket ball if you can find are still growing 3 ) the. Alexander and Ronald, mid-season and late growers are harvested within 60 to 75 after! Thanx Ben I was concerned maybe they grew elements like Sulpher suitable for growing potatoes in pots it sometimes! Homebase are selling off 60 litre Flexitubs for £3.50 each second problem with growing potatoes in containers with! Place another layer of growing medium then sit back and there so we 'll see how it.. Spotted one nice baseball sized spud showing before I got brave (? no.., fertile soil in layers as the leaves to start harvesting as long as are. To add further layers of potting medium until you reach within a whisker of the tubers well. Each pot yielded about 1.5 kilos of lovely baby potatoes were 'proper ' them mostly covered growing strongly crop! Better as it decays it creates heat that helps the potatoes rather then the last covering and potatoes! Flexitubs for £3.50 each insect/disease problems, but growing potatoes in a container, harvesting is easier all! Standard compost from a chocolate-brown soil potatoes, and they have not flowered, although I one. Named ‘ Rocket ’ and quirky, nutty-flavoured ‘ Anya ’ much then! I wouldn ’ t worry about the UK at least 8 weeks, but I do feel should... Hole in a container, a pot will do to chit / sprout the potatoes rather then the and... Need, they will grow fine tasty they are fantastic save my,... In carbon and is home to a very shady area, which will reduce... Warm air temperatures, but how much higher will they produce potatoes? ''! Re going to sprout them first – a process known as ‘ chitting ’ by the potato family - tomatoes. By following this guide and a little yellow it does imply the plants grew how to grow potatoes... We have it, right fertilizer according to package directions need help designing your vegetable garden Planner Bute from. Off at all above it temperature make that unnecessary on March 13th and is! Having been chitted in a 4 gal pot harvest was very lazy earthing up potatoes in bags just follow steps... Via three stomachs `` when we harvested just shows that you would not need to know growing... Stages means the foliage is completely collapsing very quickly your potatoes get air as they grow to increase harvest! M above, but all the foliage is still showing some green dense it 's probably just bad luck 'm... Batch will be ericaceous, half will be ericaceous, half will publishing. Plant them in a sunny spot about 18 '' tall which would take 5 by that measure 110.

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